Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Even Easier - Easy as Apple Pie

I haven't finished eating the galette yet, but I still had a ton of apples, so I bought some more pastry and made an apple pie. The apple pie recipe is on the box of the pastry shells, but really you don't need one. You put pastry on the bottom of the pie tin, put spiced apples in the middle, and put another shell on top. Then you cook it for 40 minutes at 425. Then you put it on the window sill and the crows eat it.

The apples were serviced by the apple-peeler corer used for the galette previously, the idea is generally to have thin, bite sized pieces of apple. I mixed them around in this bowl with some cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar, along with a little bit of flour, a pinch of salt, and more than the recommended amount of lemon juice. I find more lemon juice to be a good thing, so if you agree, and the recipe you have seems a bit skimpy on the limon, I support your decision to add more.

This time I used an actual lemon, too.

I crimped and poked the top shell as one should, you don't have to poke a little apple shape into the top, but it helps. About 15 minutes in I'm going to give the pie a little skirt to protect the edges from overcooking, leaving the middle to get the loving it needs.

I hope this turns out well, considering all my bragging about how easy it is! Here's the recipe, complete with the skirt recommendation: http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/ShowRecipe.aspx?Rid=11187

Oh wait, did I say in 15 minutes? That was half an hour ago... oh NO!


Well, the smoke alarm seems skeptical of this spectacle, but actually that looks pretty tasty. Nice golden color (for the most part), and that caramel-y substance leaking out the side there looks promising. I used really good organic sugar, so the prospect of the pie having caramel apple innards is a particularly tasty one. Time will tell.

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